Live at the Bierkeller
Leeds, UK
May 25, 1984

(intro music)
1. War
2. Performance
3. Burning Skies
4. Lions
5. The Never Never (Is Forever)
6. Happiness
7. The Movement of Fear
8. Slice of Life
9. GO!
10. There's Only One
11. O.K. This Is The Pops

Daniel Ash - vocals, guitar, bass, saxophone
Glenn Campling - bass, keyboard
Kevin Haskins - drums

The Bierkeller was located in the Merrion shopping center in Leeds. This gig took place in a room inside The Bierkeller called The Dungeon. It was a great show; the band were very relaxed and the show was a reasonable success, if very small compared to the venues Bauhaus had played not a year earlier. Hecklers calling out for Bauhaus numbers during the set got their wish finally when "Slice of Life" was played.

Maintained by SKot Kirkwood:
Thanks to Andrew Brooksbank for info on this show.