Live at the I-Beam
San Francisco, CA, USA
October 8, 1984

(intro: When You're Smiling)
1. War
2. Performance
3. Burning Skies
4. Lions
5. Heartbreak Hotel
6. Movement of Fear
7. Happiness
8. Christian Says
9. Slice of Life
10. GO!
11. O.K. This is the Pops

Daniel Ash - vocals, guitar, saxophone
Glenn Campling - bass, keyboard
Kevin Haskins - drums

"This microphone is really electric!"

The track "Heartbreak Hotel" (an Elvis cover which Tones On Tail only performed live) was recorded on a bootleg cassette during this show and eventually ended up as a bonus track on the Night Music CD. When the definitive Everything! CD came out later on, it was included there as well.

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