Live at 7th Street Entry
Minneapolis, MN, USA
October 19, 1984

(intro music: When You're Smiling)
1. War
2. Performance
3. Burning Skies
4. Lions
5. Heartbreak Hotel
6. Movement of Fear
7. Happiness
8. Christian Says
9. Slice of Life
10. GO!
11. There's Only One

Daniel Ash - vocals, guitar, saxophone
Glenn Campling - bass, keyboard
Kevin Haskins - drums

"Where is that man Hugh? Where is he? He didn't put a setlist up, did he? There he is! Naughty, naughty..."

The 7th Street Entry show was plagued by various problems. The sound in the venue was terrible and "too heavy". The setlist was missing, as someone had fogotten to put it up onstage. Daniel's saxophone had "got a cold", as he put it. The monitors were feeding back. The band were groping around in the dark due to poor lighting. And that combination plus the crowd seemed to have put at least Daniel Ash in a bad mood by the end of the night. For being the next-to-last time that Tones On Tail would ever perform again, it was not a good way to go out.

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