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Tones On Tail were originally Daniel Ash (Bauhaus) and Glenn Campling (friend and roadie of Bauhaus). The group was formed in 1982 as a side project for Daniel while he was still in Bauhaus. They were later joined by Kevin Haskins (Bauhaus) after Bauhaus broke up. Though the career of Tones On Tail lasted only a couple of years (1982-1984), the group definitely made a lasting mark with their hard-to-define deep dark blue sound. After Tones On Tail ended, David J. (Bauhaus) rejoined with Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins to form Love and Rockets. Traces of Tones On Tail can be found on the last Bauhaus record, "Burning From The Inside" (particularly on the track "Slice of Life"), as well as the first Love and Rockets LP, "Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven" (particularly on the title track).

"We were a motley crew of individuals who essentially
wanted to sound like a band from Venus or Mars!"
--Daniel Ash


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  • It seems Tones On Tail's "GO!" has been used as the soundtrack to a 2008 commercial for the Mercury Mariner that aired in September. The music never goes out of style...


  • Tones On Tail were featured on the 2006 lavish and very comprehensive Rhino Records 3 CD + 1 DVD boxed set, "A Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box". With a couple of exceptions, this box set is a veritable who's who of goth music, including many big name bands that never usually feature on these kinds of compilations (Tones On Tail included) Go here for more details.


  • Daniel Ash toured the USA in 2002 and included a few Tones On Tail tracks during his sets. Among the tracks played were "Christian Says", "O.K. This Is The Pops", and "GO!". The Bauhaus song "Slice Of Life" was also played, itself so close to a Tones On Tail song that it might as well be one. These shows were about the closest one could get to being able to see Tones On Tail live in this day and age.

    Some recent quotes from Daniel Ash regarding Tones On Tail (from Chartattack.com):

    "Out of all three bands I've been in over the years, that's my favourite," he says. "When I listen back to that stuff, I find that to be, for me, the most original. There was no commercial consideration there... and it was my baby."

Ash says he loves the sense of humour the band had lyrically--a reflection of the good times he, drummer Kevin Haskins and bassist-keyboardist Glenn Campling had together.

"I wanted music to sound like it came from another planet, but you could still tap your foot to it."

Speaking of which, will there ever be a reunion with members of Tones On Tail?

    "I doubt it because what I'm doing now is even better than that," Ash says simply.


  • Some of you may have noticed Tones On Tail's "GO!" being used in Starburst commercials on TV and radio in 2002... possibly their biggest exposure yet?


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