Everything! 2xCD

Disc One - Pop
1. Lions
2. War
3. Happiness
4. The Never Never (Is Forever)
5. Performance
6. Slender Fungus
7. Movement of Fear
8. Real Life
9. Rain

Disc Two
1. GO! (Club Mix)
2. Christian Says
3. Twist
4. Burning Skies
5. O.K., This is the Pops
6. You, the Night and the Music
7. When You're Smiling
8. There's Only One
9. Now We Lustre
10. A Bigger Splash
11. Copper
12. Means of Escape
13. Instrumental
14. Performance (7" version)
15. Shakes
16. Heartbreak Hotel (live)/interview

Catalog #:
Beggars Banquet BEGA 200 CD (1998)

Daniel Ash - vocals, guitar, saxophone
Glenn Campling - bass, keyboards
Kevin Haskins - drums, percussion
Caroline Lavelle - cello on "Performance"
Juan Pedro Diego Ignatius Barraclough Y Valls - rhythm on "War"

This truly is the ultimate collection of Tones On Tail. This double CD, true to its title, finally includes absolutely every song that was ever recorded. The only thing really missing would the 33-1/3 rpm version of "Copper". The 7" edits of "GO!" and "Burning Skies" and the extended "Twist" are also missing (but are included on the Something! promo CD). Nitpicking... this is really all you ever need to have. The first CD contains the original Pop LP in its entirety, with the original cover art reproduced on the back of the booklet as well. The second CD contains everything else. Also of note is the fact that on the second CD is an bonus interview with Daniel Ash from back in the day. The booklet has lots of information about the band, as well as reproductions of all the covers from the various releases.

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